Chemical Free Home – The Benefits of Steel Wool

Steel wool would be the most popular non-chemical cleaning product in the kitchen. It has many uses around the home as well as in the garage and workshop. It can be purchased from Supermarkets, Hardware stores and major retail outlets.

The wool comes in many different grades suitable for a variety of tasks. Pre-soaped steel wool pads are the most common for cleaning jobs in the kitchen. Stainless wool is also available which lasts an exceptionally long time. Traditional steel wool rusts quickly when in regular contact with water.

Steel Wool In The Home and Kitchen

  • Steel wool can be used for most scouring tasks in the kitchen. All plain steel and aluminium pots and dishes can be cleaned with it.
  • Cutlery can be polished with a superfine wool pad
  • Chrome plated and stainless steel oven and roasting racks can look like new after a scouring with fine or medium grade steel wool. A steam cleaner can be used to assist with softening toughened grime and removed with steelwool.
  • Steelwool is excellent for cleaning stubborn stains from glass and chrome including mirrors. The glass on doors of wood heaters and ovens can also be cleaned with it.

Steel Wool In The Workshop

  • Fine steelwool can be used to clean wood surfaces before staining or varnishing.
  • Buffing varnished surfaces between coats is also ideal for fine wool.
  • Polished wooden surfaces can be brought back to life by re-polishing with a fine grade of steel wool as the buffing agent applicator.

Steel Wool In The Garage

  • The wool is excellent for cleaning chrome on cars as well as mirrors, windscreens, and glass in general.
  • Removing stains and rust from automotive paintwork during pre-paint clean ups is an ideal task for steelwool.
  • Tools can be cleaned and protected by scrubbing with wool which has been dipped into an oil or other lubricant. This greatly increases the life of your garden and workshop tools.

Although its a very versatile cleaning product, steel wool does have its disadvantages.

  • Use caution when using on soft metals.
  • Do not use on painted surfaces that will not be repainted. Scratching will be permanent in the painted surface.
  • Wearing rubber gloves is advisable to avoid small pieces of metal digging into your fingers. This is common and can be very painful.
  • Standard wool can rust easily and quickly. Several ideas have surfaced over the years for how to prevent this. The best method I have found is to soak the steelwool pad fully covered in water and replace at least once per week. The stainless steel version of the wool lasts much longer but is substantially more expensive.

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The Benefits of Putting Floor Liners To Your Vehicle

Wondering how you can keep the dirt and grime off of your vehicle’s flooring? Putting on floor liners is a great investment to help keep off any substance that will damage the interior floor carpet. This is also a nice addition for your vehicle to keep it in tip-top condition, which helps in retaining its resale value.

You’ll see different floor liner types and brands in the market such as Weathertech, Husky liners, and more. Before you buy one, you have to know the difference between each type and how it would fit onto your vehicle.

Floor coverage

You probably stumbled upon the terms universal and direct fit. Get to know the difference between these terms to see how it will fit onto your vehicle’s interior flooring.

Floor liners designed to precisely fit onto specific vehicles are called direct fit or custom fit. It is not the same as stock floor mats that came with your vehicle.

Custom fit floor mats provides a great coverage on the foot wells since it is created to surround edge-to-edge and fit securely onto the floor. It’s not a one-size fits all because it is designed with grooves and raised edges around the perimeters to trap liquid, dirt and other substances that can ruin your vehicle’s floor carpet.

Depending on the brand and style, it may come in either single or a 2-piece design. Other floor liners for trucks are constructed with one-piece setup that will fit the shifter booth.

How it’s made

Floor liners are made using high quality materials like heavy-duty rubber, pliable vinyl or thermoplastic. There are two types such as all-weather floor mats or the regular ones which is mostly seen on universal mats. Both floor mats are easy to install and easy to clean by just wiping or by giving a quick rinse to remove spillage or sticky substances.

The regular carpet floor mats comes in various designs and colors that will not only keep the floor from any damaging substances, but also add flair on the interior. It is softer and flexible compared to all-weather mats. Some brands have designed their mats with channels, ridges, and deep pockets. However, if you want an extreme protection to the vehicle’s interior flooring, an all-weather floor liner is what you need.

Mud, snow, dirt, and other substances which can damage your floor is no match to all-weather mats. It is designed using high-quality and rigid materials to ensure its durability. It is designed with grooves and raised edges to contain dirt, liquid and other matter that can ruin the vehicle’s floor board. It also has a nibbed backing to keep it in place no matter if passengers or pets may move around. It decreases the chance of floor friction on your vehicle’s interior carpet. It is thicker and heavier compared to the regular floor mats to further shield the flooring against harmful elements.

Benefits of floor liners

Installing floor liners to your interior is a good investment to retain the resale value of your vehicle. Get to know more benefits you can get from this automotive part:

  • Shields the floorboards against any substances that may harm the appearance and value of your vehicle
  • Prevents sticky liquids such as soda, coffee, and other snacks from spilling onto the vehicle’s carpet floor and lead to permanent damage to it
  • Trap dust, dirt, road salt, grime, and other particles
  • Keep off water, snow, mud and other things that got stuck on your shoe before it gets around into your vehicle’s carpet flooring
  • Prevents foot friction that cause rips and premature wear on the carpet
  • Can withstand different weather conditions and gives a year-round protection for the flooring