Some Tips to Quit Smoking

It is such a foul habit. It smells, burns holes in your clothes and furniture. Today’s cigarettes are stronger and more dangerous than the fifty’s and sixties. There are more chemicals in them than ever before. How can you stop? I know people who have smoked all their lives from their teens up to their sixties. How did they stop?

Smoking used to be “cool.” Especially for women. They had long beautiful cigarette holders they would put the cigarette in and there you go. They would hold out their arm and put up the little finger and they were considered lovely. Not so today. I haven’t seen a holder around in years.

Let’s stop smoking now you say. How easy it is for someone who has never smoked or who has quit smoking. Get real. It’s just not that easy. Once you start it’s extremely hard to stop. The longer you have smoked the harder it is to quit. Stop pouring money into these manufactures of cigarettes. Stop believing their ads. Enough is enough.

It will be probably the hardest thing you have ever done. There are many ways to stop. Some take pills. Zaban is one. I don’t really think that one works to well. Then there is Chantix. That one scares me more than smoking. Too many side effects for my comfort. The best way to quit is to quit. Stop, throw them away. Sure. Easy for people to say. It’s easier said than done.

When you decide to stop smoking try few tips I found might work. Mind of matter helps. Out of sight, out of mind. Throw away everything the pertains to smoking. Wash everything, clothes, and walls, get your carpets clean. Try and get all the smoke smell out. Walk outside for a little while and then walk back inside. How nice everything smells.

Being hypnotized helps some, others it’s a waste of money. I have known a few people that it worked on. Others lit up a cigarette after walking out of the room. Pretend you have no money for cigarettes. Don’t give in to temptation. If you think you need a puff, do something else. Walk away from the craving. Walk, run, swim, and read. You get the idea.

Try not to over eat. That is a bad habit replacing another bad habit. If you must eat, be sure to eat the good things for you. Eat your vegetables as mom used to say. Smoking becomes just a habit. Not really enjoying the pleasure of the smoke. You must try to break that habit.

When you do succeed in stop smoking you will feel better, look better and smell better. It’s so hard to stop, but if you really want to you can. Without a cigarette think of all the time you have on your hands. What you can do is limitless.

I wish you all the luck in the world if you decide to stop. You know the dangers. Let’s try to stop, one person at a time. The worst smokers in the world are reformed ones. They will tell you if you didn’t smoke bad things will not happen to you. You’ve heard it all. Quit for yourself not other people. Then it just might work.